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 〒101-0062 東京都千代田区神田駿河台2-1 OCCビル615号室

​ OCC Bld.615, 2-1, Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo To,

 101-0062, Japan

Email         : jisp2024@gmail.com

代表: Chairman

   米内 宏明(国分寺バプテスト教会)Hiroaki Yonai

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Japan International Sports Partnership






JiSP is… a Partnership
Our mission is to connect church-to-church, church-to-local community, people-to-people, furthermore, people-to-God via sports.

JiSP's Vision



For each church to further bless its area, we will strengthen our partnerships between churches and prepare for the Olympics, Paralympics and further sports ministry.





Let’s serve with the mission teams from overseas!
This year, when the Olympics will be held, over 50 mission teams and 500 people from overseas are preparing to come to Japan. Would you like to work as a receiving church, coordinator, or interpreter to work with them so they can work effectively in the mission?

Would you like to come to Japan and work together in ministry?

Apply via ISF register page.

Application form is here.



JiSP is not an organization, but a partnership.
Please join God’s plan to be accomplished in Japan.




JiSP will send out your prayer requests through our mailing list.

Also please check our Facebook updates and prayerfully support the Japan-wide work of JiSP.





JiSP事務局運営には金銭的必要があります。事務局場所代、資料作成と発送、トラクト作成、 宣伝費、通信費等、この働きを維持かつサポートする為の必要経費を寄付や協賛とういう形で応援してくださる方を募集しています。

The JiSP office has many financial needs, for instance: office space rent, creation and distribution of materials, production of tracts, advertising, communication, etc. and so we are looking for people who are willing to commit to supporting the work of JiSP financially.





ジ アルティメット ヴィクトリー​​​



普通預金 004821




Email         : jisp2024@gmail.com


 How to donate 

Bank transfer from a Japan Post bank account

Sort code: 10110

Account number: 482161

Account name: ジ アルティメット ヴィクトリー

Bank transfer from a non-Japan Post bank account

Branch name: 〇一八(ゼロイチハチ) 

Branch number: 018

General savings account: 0048216

Transfer using Paypal



Your skills are needed for the evangelism of Japan! Even if you are not playing at a professional level, we would like to link you to local churches that are involved in sports ministry and connect you to events, seminars, etc.




Churches/organizations that are - or plan to be - involved in sports ministry,

Please inform JiSP of the details or ideas for your planned activities. A representative of JiSP will stay in contact with you.

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PRAY 2020

 いよいよオリンピック・パラリンピックが近づいてまいりましたが、世界中から宣教チームが日本の 福音宣教のために駆けつけてくれます。(50チーム500名以上来日予定 2020年1月時点)  皆様の教会・所属団体におかれては、オリンピック開催の今年も様々な企画を準備してお忙しい ことと存じます。だからこそ、私たちはこの年バラバラにではなく、イエス様のもと祈りにおいて一つ となり、日本のため、主がなさろうとしていることをご一緒に祈らせて頂きたいと願っております。 そのために、JiSPより以下の2つのお願いをさせて頂きますが、是非、教会・宣教団体・個人として 参加をご検討頂けたらと願います。

The time of the Olympics and Paralympics is coming soon, and many short-term Christian workers and their teams are coming to Japan from all over the world. (50 teams, with more than five hundred people, are scheduled to come as of January 2020)   We are sure that you and your church or organization are busy as you plan to have various Olympics-specific events this year.  We would love to pray together in unity in the name of Jesus in order that God’s will be done in Japan. Please consider whether your Church or organization, or you personally,  can do the following two things below:



Please register on our mailing list, and

pray with us according to our prayer requests which are sent monthly.

毎月24日(オリンピック開幕日7/24)に祈りのリクエストを配信します。 是非、メーリングリストに登録して頂き、教会・宣教団体・個人として祈りの輪に加わってください。


We will send our prayer requests on the 24th of every month. (The opening ceremony will be July 24th.)   We will also send out information about general events of the Olympics and Paralympics in addition to our prayer requests. 



And for Churches, organizations and individuals who are planning to hold Olympics-specific events,

you can also do the following:

Please share your prayer requests with us.

オリンピックに向けて様々な企画の準備を感謝いたします。是非その企画の祈りのリクエストをJiSPにも 教えてください。送って頂いた祈りのリクエストはJiSPの牧師先生方を中心に祈らせて頂きます。また、 特別な祈りの課題については、JiSPで検討し、上記のメーリングリストで配信させて頂きます。

God bless your Olympics ministry!  Please let us know your own prayer requests, too.  We’d love to pray with you, and we will forward your prayer requests to pastors in JiSP.  And if there are some special prayer items, we’d like to share with all the other people registered by email.


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Japan International Sports Partnership

​事務所所在地:Office Locatio

 〒101-0062 東京都千代田区神田駿河台2-1 OCCビル615号室

​ OCC Bld.615, 2-1, Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda Ku,

 Tokyo To, 101-0062, Japan

Email         : jisp2024@gmail.com

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